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"It truly is a fertile soil to sow financial seed into" Ron and Debra Loving

Our partnership with Bro. K. G. Easo and Soul Winners India began in June 2005.  Our son Zack, had just completed the nine month course of study at River of Life School of Ministry.  After a series of divine events, Zack left for a ten day mission trip to India where he met Bro. Easo and saw first hand the tremendous ministry of Soul Winners India.  While Zack was with Bro. Easo, they traveled by train through India, visiting the pastors and Bible school students that Soul Winners India sponsors.  Seeing the spiritual darkness and poverty in India, and the work being done for the Kingdom of God by Soul Winners India was a life changing experience for Zack.  Our entire family was touched by how the Lord introduced us to Bro. Easo and this powerful ministry. We were even more surprised to find out that Bro. Easo and Zack share the same birthday, September 10!!  There has never been any doubt that the Lord wanted us to share in the support of Soul Winners India.
After Zack returned from India, plans were made for Bro. Easo to visit our home in Texas on his trip to the states later that summer. We scheduled Bro. Easo to speak at our home church and we planned a few other church meetings and home meetings that first trip.  The Lord truly blessed Bro. Easo as he shared the vision of S.W.I. for Bible schools, churches, orphanages and charitable works for the villages in India and the need for financial partnership with the ministry.  We were truly thankful for the favorable response Bro. Easo received everywhere we went, and how the Lord moved on hearts to join in sowing seed into this fruitful ministry.  That was four years ago, and Bro. Easo has returned to our home each summer since.  There has been tremendous growth in support for S.W.I. in our area. Four local churches are regular supporters of Soul Winners India  and several others open their doors each year for an annual visit from Bro. Easo , who is faithful to bring a report how the ministry distributes the contributions.  
We praise God for the individuals who have become regular monthly supporters of this anointed ministry and those whose lives have been touched by the reality that their financial support has resulted in many salvations of souls half-way around the world. 
This past December, we had the pleasure of meeting two of Bro. Easo’s sons, Daniel and Santhosh in Beaumont, Texas. We were so blessed by these two young men, and could see that both share the vision that the Lord has given their father for the evangelism of India.  Hopefully one day, we will have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Easo and the rest of the Easo family.  Incidentally, Zack is now married to Sarah, and they are the proud parents of little Gabriel. Zack is attending LeTourneauUniversity in Longview, Texas and is pursuing an aeronautical science degree. We believe one day he will fly for missions.   It has been an honor to have Bro. K. G. Easo in our home these past three years.  We have been encouraged and blessed by his testimonies and teachings as we share meals together around our table.  Bro. Easo always has remarkable revelations and insight into the Word of God and is able to share the profound truths of the Bible simply.  We consider it a privilege to host a man who has impacted a nation for Jesus. We pray more doors will open in Texas to share this excellent ministry.  It truly is fertile soil to sow financial seed into.  May the Lord continue to bless Bro. K.G. Easo, his family, the body of Christ in India and the ministry of Soul Winners India. 





"Your Part in winning souls" Brett Taaffe

I wanted to first of all thank everyone reading this who have supported both with your financial resources as well as with your prayers. I am one of the board members of Soul Winners India and help raise support and awareness for the church and mission work that KG Easo and his missionaries are doing throughout India. Recently, I read Philippians and was struck by the words of Paul in the last chapter. He writes about giving to the work of the gospel, saying in verse 17 "not that i seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that is increasing to your account. But I have received everything in full, and I have an abundance. I am fully supplied." And to those who have giving to Paul's needs and for the church's being planted (like in India now), he writes in verse 19 "and my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus". 

God tells us some very important things about his nature and about our role in spreading the love and the glory of God to all the nations here. I have been a friend of the ministry of Soul Winners India for over four years now, once traveling to India to be among KG and his co-labors for over two weeks. In that time I saw and met several of the missionaries and the Bible schools, orphanages, and the english medium school. Also, every year for the last 3 years, I have been blessed by the presence of KG Easo while hosting him at my home. During those times, we have both worked to meet fellow believers here in the Houston and Austin area to share our story and to share what God is doing in the nation of India. God tells us to be a part of the commissioning of his disciples and followers to go out to the nations and preach about the forgiveness of sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are nations and people groups all over this world who have never had the chance to hear and receive the grace and mercy of God.
During the times with KG Easo here in Houston over the years, i am amazed and astonished at two things. One, I am amazed by the passion and hunger brother KG Easo has to serve the Lord and the labor to work so hard for the sake of Jesus. Two, how God is so faithful to his work of bringing salvation to the lost and that God uses ordinary people from America to bring the means to having missionaries go to the lost.

I could go on and on about KG's heart for the people of India to know the loving Lord of all. I think of the many times when tears filled his eyes as he tells my friends and fellow believers about the times that God opened up the hearts of some one in a village. KG speaks of the times of miraculous healing happening over prayer and how his best friend/ bus driver/worship leader named Natu was in his bed dying of some disease and wanted to give up and die but after hours and hours of praying for him and talking to him how God saved his life Nathu was healed and saved and now Natu is a faithful minister of the Lord. KG speaks of times when literally he gave all his money away for the mission work and didn't know how he would buy clothes for his kids or food for his family, yet he trusted the Lord Provider and sure enough God provided.  All I can proclaim to you boldly that KG Easo passion and love for Jesus is real and it is inspiring.

God is working in the United States here on behalf of the work going on in India through the men and women of Soul Winners India. When I met KG Easo, I did not know what a blessing it would be and how much I would personally witness how God moves in the hearts of people for His purposes. KG loves to share the verses in Romans in the tenth chapter, verses 14-16, to people in the states. "How, then, can they call on the one they have believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach if they are not sent." I too love this truth and feel like it is a key text about why we, who have so much and have the gospel so available, should consider how we can give to those who do not have the gospel. In my time in India, I saw the poverty and lack of opportunity to make money there. I know the workers there would love to go out to the tribal areas daily and share with them the gospel. There are over 500,000 villages who have never heard the gospel and have no church but God has raised up so many who are ready to go out but need someone to send them. I found that the people here in the states want to be on board and support but if we do not tell them about Soul WInners India and the great work for God that they are doing in area so desperate for the Lord, then how can they give and send out the workers? 
I will end this with a story of a man I know who has recently become a supporter. This story tells of how God opens up hearts to give to His purposes. When i first met this man, he told me that he was not really interested in missions, not feeling a big call to go out and be a big part of it. He felt his gifts and talents could better be used here in the states and really stopped at that. When I first introduced him to KG Easo, I felt like the meeting went very badly. I felt like there was no connection and that it was just hard to really tell the story of the work and the needs. This man was a generous man and right then he wrote a check. I went on and thought, "well, that was nice, but I really felt like we didn't have a connection." Over the course of the next several months, this man could not help but remember the photos of the kids there and the poverty and the lack of the gospel in the nation. Over the course of the next 9 months, this brother has given to the ministry of Soul Winners India a good amount of maney. Praise God! This amount goes so far and will used for the new orphanage and to help support the pastors and teachers. How great is God, that He would open up His peoples hearts to share with others and give to the great commission.

The verses from Paul in Philippians that i quoted at the beginning are true for us and for the ministers of Soul Winners India. The workers are content with whatever God gives them and they will work in need or in plenty, seeking not the gift but the fruit that comes from the gift. God says that the cheerful giver will be taken care of and that their needs will be supplied according to the riches in Christ Jesus. I hope and pray that you will go tell the story of Soul Winners India and tell of the passion of KG and the workers for Jesus and how God is raising up people both in America and in India to share in the work of bringing the hope of Christ to all nations.

Thank you again for your love and support, we all appreciate it so much.













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