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What kind of sponsorship programs are available thru Soul Winners Inida?

Because the need for help in India is so great and so varied, SWI offers 2 sponsorship programs: for children and for missionaries.

Why does Soul Winners India have these different sponsorship programs?

The bottom line is hope. When anyone--child or missionary gets sponsored through one of SWI's sponsorship programs, that person has hope for the future.

  • Children. SWI sponsors children for many reasons, not the least of which is to provide the basics of life: food, clothing, basic medical care and an education. An underfed, malnourished child has a hard time in school.
  • Missionary. For only $50 a month will help to provide the physical needs of a missionary (and his family) to allow him to preach the Gospel to the lost and minister to believers full time.

Now I see the need. How does sponsorship benefit each?

  • Children. As mentioned above, sponsorship provides food, clothing, basic medical care and schooling. 
  • Missionary: When you sponsor a missionary you will make it possible for them to reach more souls, and for them to be equipped with Gospel supplies to further God's work. You can help to reach thousands with the Gospel by the small sacrifice of only $1-$2 per day. All it takes is the cost to buy a soda or cup of coffee per day or to skip taking your family out to eat once a month. There is no greater joy in this life than to lead a lost soul to salvation in Christ.

I want to sponsor! What is the investment on my part?

Sponsorship is a modest commitment of your time and money. To sponsor a child $25 per month; to sponsor a missionary is $50 per month. We hope that the investment of your time includes praying for your sponsoree. Your sponsoree will write you at least twice each year and you are encouraged but not required to reply. You will also receive an annual photo of your sponsoree. Over time, many of SWI's sponsors have developed ongoing friendships with their sponsoree.

May I choose whether to sponsor a child or missionary ?


May I choose a specific child or missionary to sponsor?

Yes, you can choose a specific child or missionary. 

How much of my money goes to India for the sponsoree?

SWI is proud that fully 100% of every monthly sponsorship goes to India in support of your sponsored child or missionary.

How can I make sure that my funds are being used properly?

The foundation of our sponsorships is constructed on the bedrock of trust.

Upon that trust our sponsorship programs are built with integrated supervision and reporting requirements. Many sponsored children are under the direct daily care and supervision of our orphanage directors. Sponsored children not under that direct daily care, and sponsored missionaries are visited by our coordinators at least monthly to ensure that sponsorship funds are put to the designated uses and that the sponsoree's welfare is being met.

In addition, both in India and in USA we are properly registered with respective governments as non-profit charities. Due to this trust, supervision and accountability, you can rest assured that your sponsorship funds are being used wisely and properly.

I want to help! What payment methods are available? And how often are funds sent to my sponsoree?

You may fund your sponsorship via check, money order, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. Sponsorship funds are forwarded to India monthly, so your gift gets used without delay.

I'd like my group to sponsor. What can I do?

We invite you to join with your friends to sponsor one or more people. Here are three real-life examples of shared sponsorship among our donors:

  • a children's Sunday School class is supporting two children through their weekly offerings
  • a women's Bible study group is corporately supporting a child.

In addition, churches from various denominations are sponsoring people through Soul Winners India.

Idea! You can arrange a sponsorship group. For example, your group could sponsor one child or mossionary. Your group will then receive correspondence from our Indian brothers and sisters from a variety of backgrounds and ages. This is a great way to establish multiple relationships, from one group of people to another.

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